As casino floors become more and more electronic, adherence to The Sustainable Gaming Standard could mean a savings of 10 percent or more of total operational costs for the year. Could your property use an extra 10 percent directly to your bottom line? How much revenue would you have to generate on your casino floor in order to put 10 percent or more to your bottom line? How much would you have to spend to bring in that extra revenue? This is why every casino in the United States needs to adhere to this voluntary ANSI Standard.

Our industry has been hit hard over the last few years, and the land-based industry specifically, because of their higher operational costs. Internet gaming has very low operational costs compared with a land based gaming operation. If we look at adherence to this standard as an easy first step(low-hanging fruit), and realize that in addition to the cost savings, you wind up with customers who can more easily understand why green matters to you, and in the coming years it better matter.

It had better matter for several reasons:

1. You will save money, and it goes right back to your bottom line

2. Legislation – some that has already passed, some that is on its way to passing

3. You can truly engage your customers in your Green mission – give out CFLs – let them see on their energy bill a cost savings that you will see on a much larger scale

4. You can make money – by using this standard and its positive effects on your bottom line to take it to the next level and do more Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), or become a leader and generate your own energy on a large scale.

5. All of that saving and making money should lead to an increase /not a decrease in human capital.

The choice to adhere to the standard as I mentioned before is totally voluntary, but as most of you are behind the GSA and its mission on open standards, this Sustainable Standard should be a next logical step. Lour standard is also a voluntary standards aimed at helping the gaming industry to take advantage of energy efficiency measures to scale so that they might save significant dollars consistently year in and year out.

The time to act is now! The Sustainable Gaming Standard is out for limited public comment right now, and will be open for public comment soon. You still have the ability to affect the kind of positive change you want to see in our industry by helping to form this vital sustainability document. When you comment on the standard, you give us the opportunity to see how others view this document that we have now been working on for about two years.

Over the past two years, we have seen this standard document grow from about 15 pages and just a basic framework into the “almost” complete standard that we have now. In total more than 60 pages long, and encompassing everything that we could think of to close the loop

“Leonardo Academy is extremely proud of the work that has been put into the development of the Sustainable Gaming Standard by all our committee members. The content of the standard represents many facets of the gaming industry and it is clear that some of the concepts being proposed will revolutionize how slot machines are designed in the future. Leonardo Academy anticipates releasing the final committee draft for the formal public comment period by April 1, 2011. We believe that this effort will lead to an approved ANSI standard by fall. Upon which, gaming operations may begin using the standard in the manufacturing, marketing and procurement of slot machines,” explained Michael Arny, president of Leonardo Academy.

We need your participation to make this the best standard possible for all involved along the supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, end user, and after life care/repurposing. If you are an operator, manufacturer, an energy expert, or are just interested in helping to shape the way this industry is moving, please get in touch with me at for an invitation to participate in the ANSI standard development process for this extremely important initiative, or to make a comment. Our team meets virtually about once a month for two hours, and then our sub-committees get together between full committee meetings. SlotManager

Eric Hansel is president of EGM Green, the manufacturer of the world’s first eco-friendly casino tables. Hansel is also leading a team that is coming up with a slot machine sustainability standard. This standard will pull 25 percent of the energy used to power slot machines out in the first year. EGM Green also does lighting retrofits, energy audits, and custom carbon off-set calculation and implementation. The company also offers expertise in alternative energy from solar to wind and geothermal. For more information, contact Hansel at or (201) 927-3526.