Bally Technologies has released Meet Me in the Middle, the second game title for its DualVision product, which features a wide bench seat and an extra-wide video display.

DualVision, according to Bally, is perfect for two people who want to share their luck and their bankroll, or for one player who wants to double his or her gaming action by playing two separate games at once. Players pool their bankroll playing two separate games side-by-side but collectively sharing in the each game’s wins or losses. Shared bonus events encourage communal play as players cooperate to enhance their opportunity for bigger payouts.

Meet Me in the Middle, which is Bally’s first follow-up game to DualVision’s debut Two for the Money title is a 10-reel, 50-line game that features a 250-credit max bet, and is available in one, two, or five-cent denominations. This high-volatility game’s top award is 1,850 credits times the denomination.

Meet Me in the Middle’s base play is fashioned after a classic board game. The left player has a blue pawn-shaped game piece and the right player has an orange game piece. During regular game play, the pawns travel clockwise around a game board. Pawns can land on Move One Space, Move Five Spaces, or various bonus-credit squares. If a player’s piece lands on a Mystery Pay square, it triggers a spinner that awards one of three bonus wins, an advance to Free Games Bonus, or advance to the Meet Me in the Middle bonus.

When triggered, the Free Games Bonus awards 15 free games, which are played on both games. The Bullseye Bonus feature within the Free Games bonus allows players to accumulate numerous Bullseye symbols that turn wheels wild for huge wins.

Bullseye symbols also come into play during the Meet Me in the Middle Bonus. When this bonus is activated, a grid of nine Bullseye symbols appears. Each player has four alternating picks which awards from five to 1,000 times each side’s bet per line. This bonus feature is triggered by both pawns landing on the center square at the same time, or when the spinner lands on the Meet Me in the Middle wedge during the Mystery Pay bonus spin.

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