Welcome to Bonus City! Mr. Monopoly is throwing the party of a lifetime in the land of bonus rounds and credit awards, and you’re the guest of honor.

Featuring an exciting, interactive top box, WMS’s MONOPOLY Bonus City features the bonus round you’ve been looking for-whether you’re a fan of free spins, picking rounds or credit awards. The two available bonuses use the colorful top box to award credits, free spin enhancements or both. And on top of that, you could even trigger bonus rounds inside the Free Spin Bonus.

In the Pick and Match Bonus, discovering an entire color group of MONOPOLY properties awards extra picks. In the Free Spin Bonus, dice rolls award Free Spin enhancements from the Top Box, or trigger any number of the following mini-bonuses:

Utility Spins – Dice roll enhances three free spins

Free Parking Spin – One free spin for Free Parking riches

Community Chest – Choose wisely for the best credit award

Chance – Choose wisely for a bonus square from the board

For more information, visit www.wms.com/unleashimagination.