Aruze Gaming America hopes to hook players with its innovative G-LINK Paradise Fishing networked gaming product. Packed with individual and competitive bonus feature events, this multimedia banked product puts the action of fishing right in the palm of the players’ hands with its Reel Feel Gaming Technology integrated directly into the bonus features.

Already noted as a company that produces superior multi-media graphics and sounds with superb packaging, Aruze Gaming sets the bar even higher with Paradise Fishing. Three high definition 60-inch LCDs transport players into a world under the sea with stunning visuals. Each LCD has two cabinets underneath, which play base games that have their own exciting graphics and sounds.

The real thrill, however, begins when one of the five bonus games is triggered and players have the opportunity to go fishing for bonus awards. Using its Reel Feel Gaming Technology integrated directly into the bonus features, players can hold onto the Reel Feel Fishing Rod that is attached to each gaming machine. When the players hook a fish, the players feel the bite and the rod shakes, letting them know a fish has been caught. A bigger fish means a bigger reward.

Packed with the thrills of the fishing themed bonus events, both competitive and individual, as well as the innovative Reel Feel Fishing Rod, Paradise Fishing takes player interaction to new levels, building a more engaging connection between the players and the game. Players may tell stories of the jackpot that got away, but Paradise Fishing’s fun is no tall tale.