AC Coin & Slot’s six-station community-style game Super Bankroll Bonus is now available to casinos across North America.

Super Bankroll Bonus is designed to strengthen social excitement on the casino floor by allowing slot enthusiasts to play among others and experience a shared bonusing event.  The theme of the new game is based upon one of the most successful nonlicensed bonusing games of all time, AC Coin’s Bankroll. The new Super Bankroll Bonus game allows casino operators to capitalize on the proven success of the original Bankroll brand, according to the company.

Over the past three years, the original Bankroll game has been placed in 417 different casinos throughout North America and has been enthusiastically received by an estimated 6.7 million players, AC Coin said. That familiarity gives Super Bankroll Bonus an edge, as players can now be able to experience the game in a new and memorable community gaming format.

“It is important for casino operators to distinguish themselves with a unique and entertaining slot offering to give slot players more reasons to frequent their casinos,” said Jerry Seelig, AC Coin & Slot executive vice president and general manager. “The appeal of this one-of-a-kind multiplayer game will serve as a key differentiator for casinos, while providing superior value within any slot mix.”

In addition to standing 7 feet tall and 6’9” feet wide, Super Bankroll Bonus is unique in that it allows all players to share the bonus round winnings. The game boasts a five-reel, 20-line program and plays the song, “Money, That’s What I Want.” Players are enticed with a jumbo-sized bonus event that features a scrolling display of a printing press printing oversized bills. 

The first installations are expected this summer.