Three AC Coin & Slot bonusing games are demonstrating strong staying power even after more than 100 days in the field, the company announced in August.

At a time when casino operators are facing new challenges, AC Coin & Slot has succeeded in producing three unique bonusing games – Big Game Show Gold Edition Bonus, Chef’s Daily Special and When in Rome – that are entertaining enough to keep slot enthusiasts returning again and again to their favorite casinos.

Operators have become increasingly proactive in refreshing their slot floors to ensure a mix of the most popular and proven slots available.  As a result, the average lifespan of new slot machines on casino slot floors has diminished. With this demand for performance and player appeal in mind that AC Coin & Slot introduced its spring series of proprietary bonusing games-and more than 100 days later, the games continue to double and triple house averages in nearly all installed locations, the company said.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, operators cannot afford to wait for slot games to gain popularity; they require games with instant appeal that can generate instant success and keep players satisfied,” said Jerry Seelig, AC Coin & Slot executive vice president and general manager. “We know a winner when we see one, and performing as they are, each program with approximately 150 machines in the field and another 150 on order, these games certainly stand as winners for casino operators and an entertainment experience that players are thoroughly enjoying.” 

Part of the games’ success has been the uniqueness of their higher-line pay tables, ranging from the Triple Star, five-reel, 25-line pay table of Big Game Show Gold Edition Bonus to the Double Diamond, five-reel, 30-line pay tables of Chef’s Daily Special and When in Rome.

AC Coin & Slot’s move away from the more traditional nine-line pay table in favor of these more competitive tables has proven successful in several of their games and can be seen as an indicator of an industry-wide trend, the company said.

Chef’s Daily Special

“In the current market, 25- and 30-line pay tables really appeal to players, giving them more ways to win and the opportunity to stretch their dollars across more lines for a higher return,” Seelig said.

Big Game Show Gold Edition Bonus boasts a widely recognizable top box based upon its equally successful predecessor, Big Game Show Bonus.  This is combined with an exciting secondary bonus, offering 5x and 10x multipliers not found in the original Big Game Show Bonus. Chef’s Daily Special and When in Rome offer comparable secondary bonus events, offering varying multipliers of between 2x and 10x.  All three games are also max configurable and can be adjusted to accept maximum bets of anywhere between 25 and 500 coins. 

AC Coin plans to bring some 15 additional proprietary bonusing games to market before year’s end-marking the most products released in any single year throughout the company’s 30-year history. That way, the company said, AC Coin will accommodate the industry’s need for exciting new games and a consistently diversified slot mix.

“We knew it was going to be a tough year. One of the things we wanted to do was bring more product and more variety,” said Chris Strano, AC Coin vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re trying to get as much approved and out as we can. We’re trying to give operators as much choice as we can.”

Strano noted that AC Coin also has strived to step up its bonuses on the games. “People want more frequent bonuses,” he said. “People are expecting more for their money.”

In addition, Strano said, AC Coin has also made its bonuses faster “so that players can enjoy the bonus and then get back into the game quicker.”

One key for success is to ensure that the games deliver on the player’s expectation of a great bonus, Strano said. “You can’t sell the customer short on that,” he said.