Bally Technologies’ series of “Instant Spin” games gives players a surprising new way to win that captivates and excites with every play.  

Already a hit at casinos from coast to coast, these Instant Spin games are like having “two games in one!” Traditionally, players enter a game’s bonus round by lining up a specific set of symbols. But with the Instant Spin game-play model, players never know when the thrilling Instant Spin bonus event will happen, because it is entirely random. It thus creates a unique gaming experience unlike anything else on casino floors.  

With its towering circular roulette-style top box, Spin & Win takes this distinctive Instant Spin two-games-in-one gaming experience to spectacular new heights. Designed to fulfill operators’ needs for a high-denom alternative, Spin & Win packages this remarkable gaming action in an elegantly simple and timelessly popular single line, three reel slot on Bally’s ubiquitous ALPHA Elite S9C stepper platform. Both easy to understand and easy to play, Spin & Win offers gaming operators a three-credit max bet, multiple denoms ranging from 25 cents up to $50 and a single-level internal/external progressive with a powerful 10,000 credits X denom reset.  

The top progressive is won by lining up three Super Jackpot symbols on the payline with max credits wagered. Spin & Win also features a number of player-friendly enhancements, such as Easy Select Wagering, where bets are made in one-credit increments up to three credits with just one simple touch of a button. The first credit buys all symbol pays, the second credit doubles all first-credit line pays and the third credit buys the Instant Spin random game feature, along with the top progressive award.