ATRONIC’s Systems Division developed DisplayMaster on the experience and technology of 1,300 connected tables worldwide. Based on that knowledge, ATRONIC built DisplayMaster to be the most efficient Roulette table display on the market by supporting operators to streamline their operations, reducing costs, and generating more revenue.  

DisplayMaster’s centralized configuration abilities are the key to its performance and success, allowing quick and simple installation and configuration changes. This cost-saving feature allows a new configuration to be applied in real time, with just one click to all displays from a pit, a specific area like a VIP room, or even to particular game types (for instance, to all English Roulettes, or French Roulettes).  

DisplayMaster provides a competitive edge by energizing the casino floor with customizable multi-media shows, animations and display of ticker messages. The promotional possibilities are endless. All these promotional tools can be changed on the fly and increase revenue by boosting play.  

Operators can use DisplayMaster to promote new jackpots, shows, bars and restaurants, or any special event. It will also attract your players’ attention thanks to its ability to display TV programs, like ‘unmissable’ sports tournaments and events.  

As well, it can be customized with background pictures matching a special event such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s Eve. Operators can also change the display to complement the individual casino theme or furniture – an elegant and impressive design element.  

DisplayMaster shows game information and winning numbers history on a 22” state-of-the-art TFT screen. It provides all required table and game information such as: table code and minimum bet, winning number history, ‘No more bets’ and ‘Dealer change’ events, and a statistics area presenting hot and cool numbers, percentages of black/red, odd/even, and 1-18/19-36 to your players.

Operators can use DisplayMaster in standalone mode or in combination with Star|TABLES and benefit from the power of ATRONIC´s advanced and comprehensive Table Management solution.