Program from CogniSafe offers real-time solution to cheating in online games including use of bots

Israel firm CogniSafe announced the availability of its PitBoss endpoint solution for cheating online.

The program has the ability to prevent cheating through the use of online bots, online advisors, software cheats and even collusion. The Bot protection program within PitBoss has already been successfully deployed for online gaming clients. In addition to protecting online games from cheaters, the system, which monitors games without affecting the player’s experience, can provide operators with player data such as playing habits and skill levels.

“We are excited to be able to offer a complete solution to online cheating that works across a large variety of game types,” said Shmuel Konforty, Chief Technical Officer at CogniSafe. “Whether gamers are playing card games such as poker, board games such as chess or almost any other form of game, we have a proven solution to any potential cheating scenario.”

PitBoss gives online gaming companies the ability to assure customers a safe and fair gaming environment which is vital to new player subscriptions and retention. CogniSafe addresses online cheating detection covering different types, such as:
  • Online Playing Bots: When Bots play instead of the gamer. Bot types include Collusion Bots and Bonus Bots.
  • Collusion or Player Associations: When two or more gamers (or one gamer using multiple computers) at the same table, share information about their state (such as the holding cards).
  • Software cheats: Hacking the game client gaining unfair advantage over other gamers.
  • Online Advisors: When gamers use probability calculators to boost their performance.
  • Inside Information (Logic Anomaly): When the gamer has access to information that should be confidential (such as the next card to be dealt).
  • Cutting the Cord: When a gamer disconnects his Internet connection upon realizing that his cards won't hold up.
Since Pitboss is available as an endpoint solution it can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual customer. The system can also be updated to recognize new forms of cheating.