ATRONIC’s DRAGONBOAT slot tournament has won the 2009 Asian Gaming Suppliers Award for Best Asian-Themed Slot Game. DRAGONBOAT defeated five products from four competing manufacturers to claim the title.

The award was based on reader nominations of gaming equipment products available in Asia in 2008, and on the votes of a panel of judges made up of industry professionals.

“DRAGONBOAT has been leading the way in nurturing Asia’s growing love affair with slot tournaments,” the editors of Inside Asian Gaming wrote about the selection. “The winners . . . have proven track records in terms of return on investment, thanks to their ability to satisfy the demands of players and operators alike.”

The Asian-themed DRAGONBOAT is a successor of the popular TOURNAMANIA slot tournament concept which is built on the principles of team cooperation and intense competition. The DRAGONBOAT theme is based on a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition.

DRAGONBOAT is a competitive slot tournament that can be run at random or preset times for a predefined period. The highly flexible tournament configuration options make this an extremely versatile marketing tool.          

Possible tournament examples include:  

The Classic Tournament
Players have to accumulate as many points as possible by using their own funds during a preset duration. The player ranked first at the end of the tournament wins.

The Special Event Tournament
Players have to accumulate as many points as quickly as possible using pre-loaded credits for a preset duration. They compete in multiple heats to determine who will qualify for the finals. The prizes (usually cash prizes) are funded from participation fees.  

“All Winners” Tournament
All players win during the preset duration. Players either collect wins through the base game, or they are awarded DRAGONBOAT prizes. Minimum play activity is required. Player ranking is continually displayed on the upper TFT-screen of ATRONIC’s e²™ cabinet. At the end, the “first” ranked player (with the largest loss during the tournament) wins the consolation prize.