Shuffle Master recently added three new wagering options to several of its successful proprietary table games. These new options are side bets or upgrades to the company’s most popular games including Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Shuffle Master began offering similar upgrades to its table games in December 2007, and is continuing to add bonus bets and progressives to its existing tables.  

“We think players are going to like these new options a lot,” said Roger Snow, Shuffle Master executive vice president and chairman of the Corporate Products Group. “With these upgrades, the base game stays the same. These bonus bets are just some added nuances to make each game more interesting and fun.”  

Since Shuffle Master began offering additional bonus bets and progressive versions at the end of 2007, the company has upgraded more than 200 tables. “Our proprietary table games division has always been a great business for us and these new upgrades play right into that,” Snow said. “It’s all about content. The more content we provide, the more options our customers have to offer their players something that they really enjoy.”   The details to the new table game upgrades and side bets are as follows:  

Dealer Bonus:This side bet lets players wager on the strength of the dealer’s hand. Dealer Bonuses are available for Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Crazy 4 Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus and Ultimate Draw Poker.  

Six Card Bonus: This side bet is offered on Three Card Poker. Players may wager that their three cards and the dealer’s three cards will contain two pair or better.  

Three Card Poker Mini Royal Edition: This upgraded version of Three Card Poker offers payouts as high as 200 to 1 when a player receives an Ace-King-Queen suited.  

Shuffle Master’s table game felt upgrades are currently available in many North American gaming jurisdictions including California, Nevada, Mississippi and on cruise ships. Additionally, the company is pursing approvals in other markets as well.