WMS debuts its Adaptive Gaming product category with the player-popular STAR TREK brand. With Adaptive Gaming, players can save their game state and return to any STAR TREK machine right where they left off.  

Featuring both a picking and a free spin bonus, Explore New Worlds is the first available episode in the STAR TREK line. Players will see familiar STAR TREK characters on the reels and in the “Beam Me Up Bonus”, and will take on enemy starships from the Enterprise in the “Red Alert Bonus.” And to heighten the thrill of the bonus rounds, players get to choose which bonus they enter!  

For even more volatility, players making the extra 10 credit bet are eligible to randomly enter one of four Win Warp features after any winning spin to increase their winnings even further!  

Even better, as players progress through the episode they collect medals that can be used to unlock additional episodes The Trouble With Tribbles and Trek Through Time, each containing unique bonuses and Win Warp features! Once unlocked, players can choose to play any episode they wish.