WMS builds on the success of its Big Event series by introducing a new type of community gaming experience called Power Seat.   

The Power Seat machine on the bank randomly triggers the community bonus for the rest of the bank. The lucky Power Seat player has their bonus multiplied up to 10 times the normal amount.  Players will stay longer hoping they will be the next one in the Power Seat.  

POWERBALL Power Seat also features four fantastic new community bonuses: Mystery Spin, Tire Pump, Matrix, and the amazing Super Shot bonus.  These random bonuses come up twice as often as in our previous community games.  

The Super Shot bonus is the industry’s first bonus round driven by a real-time physics engine. The POWERBALL character climbs into a giant cannon and is shot across a landscape where he interacts with the environment based on the angle and velocity with which he is shot out of the cannon. He bounces off rocks, utilizes Jet Packs, and can even get tossed from the antlers of a moose!  

With POWERBALL Power Seat, WMS brings another innovation to Community Gaming and the slot floor to increase excitement and enjoyment for slot players everywhere.