Features four unique keno games worthy of any modern casino

Nova Gaming has released Keno Master, a multi-keno game machine. Within this one machine are four unique keno games worthy of any modern casino, Blazin’ Hot Keno, Electri-Keno, Polar Cap Keno, and Wizards Spell Keno.

All four games contain unique bonus features not found in other keno games. Bonus ball multipliers, second-screen bonus features, and even free games complement a proven keno pay table to provide a slot-machine-like payout percentage. Keno Master is available as a Class III keno game with $0.05, $0.10 and $0.25 player-selectable denominations, and a max bet of $2.

Nova’s Ultimate Gaming Platform and its extensive library of stand-alone and downloadable games provide a choice of payouts, user selectable denominations, progressive jackpots, configurable bet depths and bonus rounds. The products also are SAS 6.02 and S2S compliant.