New game offers exciting community gaming action

Check in, gather your bags and take the elevator to the top floor where the MONOPOLY Board comes to life in MONOPOLY Grand Hotel Big Event.

Watch guests and your favorite characters as they dart around the board in real-time 3D graphics. Thanks to WMS’ Artificial Random Intelligence Algorithm (ARIA) technology, players get a unique bonus experience every time! Add 3-Reel Transmissive Reels BLUEBIRD 2 base games and you’re set for some exciting Community Gaming action from WMS.

Base game action is filled with excitement as players select which character will represent them in the bonus, as well as WMS’ latest innovation, the Multiplier Boost. Anytime a Multiplier Boost symbol appears on the third reel, bonus winnings can be greatly amplified by temporarily increasing a player’s Big Event Multiplier.

When the Big Event triggers, the action intensifies. Taking place atop the Grand Hotel, the community bonus features credit awards plus unique mini-bonuses triggered by up to 10 guests who may land on the Rail Roads, Electric Company, Water Works, Community Chest, Chance, Go!, and Free Parking. With ARIA technology, you never know what bonus experience you’re in for.