Pony Express, Greenback Attack and Sirens Bingo among the latest

IGT’s new MegaJackpots theme Pony Express takes players on a journey into the Wild West. Pony Express video slots have a group play feature, allowing multiple players to enter the bonus at the same time. They also provide local, linked progressive capability – up to 20 machines can be linked using the IGT Progressive Controller. Pony Express video slots feature five reels, 25 pay lines and Easy Bet wagering with a 125-credit maximum bet. This new theme also has scatter pays and wild symbols.

The fast-paced bonus game – which can be triggered at any time during game play – awards a primary Pony Express Bonus to one player and a secondary Bonus Ride to selected additional players. In the Pony Express Bonus, a player selects one of eight upper panels and one lower panel. Each panel reveals credit values or a Win All, Stopper or Extra Life symbol. If all eight panels are selected, the player chooses one of three golden doors to reveal a final credit amount. The player is then awarded the sum of all of the bonus wins.

Available in REELdepth and as S AVP themes, Greenback Attack games have multicolored reel lighting, and the bonus symbols, when initiated, turn select reels bright green. The games also feature 30 pay lines with Easy Bet wagering in 30-, 90- or 150-credit maximum bets, and are built for IGT’s new models, the S AVP, S MLD and G MLD. Two five-reel base games are offered: Safari Flowers and Thunderbolt 7s Slots. Safari Flowers features 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X multipliers and an exciting base game experience. Thunderbolt 7s offers base game play similar to the popular IGT theme, Sizzling 7 Slots.

When Greenback Attack symbols land, they turn the reels green, and up to five free games are awarded. In the free games feature, players win the amounts shown on the reels, up to $20. During the bonus, if the Mystery Bill feature is triggered, dollar amount appear in the top LCD and can award the player up to $100 cash. In the REELdepth version, animated 3-D dollar bills pop-out then fly from the bottom LCD to the top LCD.

Sirens Bingo is a three-level game only available through IGT. This new theme is a “Spellers” game. First-level base game play initiates the second-level Free Games bonus where players collect letters on reels to spell the word, “BONUS,” achieving the third-level “Pick to Win” multiplier bonus. This theme also features a second-level bonus with 15 free spins, which combines with a third-level multiplier bonus to generate an average award of over 100X the total bet.