Captures the excitement, sophistication and tradition of this prestigious and highly anticipated annual thoroughbred-racing event

Bally Technologies’ new Breeders’ Cup video slot is debuting at casinos and racinos throughout the country.

Based on Bally’s award-winning ALPHA Elite V32 vertical widescreen video platform, Breeders’ Cup captures all of the excitement, sophistication, and tradition of this prestigious and highly anticipated annual thoroughbred-racing event.

From the familiar post call of the trumpet, to the enthusiasm of the track announcer, to the thrilling finish, Bally’s new Breeders’ Cup video slot captivates and delights players with its exciting animations and authentic sound effects. Strains of the famous William Tell Overture and the galloping sound of horses’ hooves lend even more excitement to this remarkable gaming device.

In the Horse Race Bonus Round, players vie for up to five lucrative progressive jackpots. Five horses representing these progressive levels compete in a pulse-quickening race to see who finishes first. At the conclusion of the race, the screen displays the front page of a newspaper with a banner headline proclaiming the winner.

Executed on Bally’s stunning V32 video cabinet, the Breeders’ Cup game commands attention on the casino floor with its tall, colorful presence. It is available to casino and racino operators as a five-reel, 40-line game with a 200-credit max bet. The game’s top progressive jackpot is 1,000 credits X the total max bet X denomination.

“We’re very pleased that Bally Technologies, one of the top gaming companies in the world, will be promoting the Breeders’ Cup World Championships through the distribution of this game into casinos around the globe,” said Matthew Lutz, Breeders’ Cup chief operating officer. “The Breeders’ Cup game is a perfect fit for racinos seeking to add a horse-racing element to their slot machine offerings and for international locations where the Breeders’ Cup brand is well-known.”

The Breeders’ Cup World Championship originated in 1982 and has enjoyed widespread support from the racing industry. The 27th running of the Breeders’ Cup will occur Nov. 5-6 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky., and will be televised live on ABC/ESPN and to more than 130 countries.

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