Kiesub Electronics has released a new LED replacement for fluorescent and incandescent lamps for the slot machine industry.

“Kiesub saw the demand for a low-priced alternative to LED lighting inside slot machines,” said Mike Johnsen, director of manufacturing at Kiesub Electronics in Las Vegas. “We designed the LED Econo Series to be an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lamps while keeping the costs at a minimum. These units will make it possible for even the most budget-minded Casino properties to take advantage of energy-saving technologies.

In 2009, Kiesub designed an LED panel to replace the constantly failing lamps and bulbs in slot machines. In response to customer requests, Kiesub released a substantially lower-priced unit. This new bulb does not replace the premium PrismPro line, but performs at acceptable levels of brightness and coverage – at less than 50 percent of the cost for PrismPro series. The two product lines will complement each other in the fulfillment of a broad spectrum of casino’s needs.

The major benefits of LED technology include lower power consumption (saves energy), longer life of up to 5 years (labor and time saver), and less heat generation (nearby components won’t fail).

Kiesub has designed more than 50 different products to replace the lamps in the graphics panels of the most popular slot machines, from the “Insert Bills” arrow, “$5 to $100 Face Up” arrow, to the Topper and large Belly Glass panels.

More than 50,000 of Kiesub’s LED replacement boards and panels have been installed in Las Vegas and throughout the United States. Installation of these LED panels has reduced energy consumption by enough energy to power about 12,000 homes.