3M's MCT System incorporates tactile feedback technology to give on-screen game buttons the sensation of pressing traditional mechanical buttons

Casinos retrofit slot games with 3M tactile enhancement

When casino operators from Connecticut to California needed an after-market technology solution to help create renewed player interest and increased usage for their legacy video slot games, 3M’s new “tactile feedback” touch system offered them a new type of enhancement.

Known as the MicroTouch Capacitive TouchSense System, or MCT System, this touch interface incorporates tactile feedback technology to give on-screen game buttons the sensation of pressing traditional mechanical buttons, the company said recently. Now players can see, hear and actually “feel” the on-screen button selections of their favorite games. And, as casino operators upgrade legacy games and game developers incorporate the tactile experience into their new game designs, slot players should experience a new dimension of play, 3M said.

Since the MCT System can be implemented in two different ways, as either part of the original, direct-from-the-manufacturer gaming machine or as an after-market retrofit to existing video slot machines, casino operators are taking the initiative to upgrade games in designated areas on their slot floor. Over the next few months, these enhanced games should provide casinos with the key player feedback and usage patterns needed to expand the MCT System upgrade throughout the slot floor.

One factor helping speed game conversions is that casino operators have found the upgrade process relatively easy. By working with their preferred display integrators, casinos can incorporate the MCT System into their planned CRT-to-LCD upgrades or can add tactile-feedback components to existing LCDs. Then, once tactile-feedback zones are created to correspond with existing on-screen touch buttons, players can experience tactile feedback with their favorite games. “Since the MicroTouch ClearTek product has been gaming’s touch interface standard for the past 15 years, 3M is in a unique position to implement this next-generation touch interface,” said Scott Hagermoser, gaming business unit manager, 3M Touch Systems. “By working with both casino operators and game manufacturers, 3M can implement tactile feedback into existing slot games, as well as future slot games.”

Atronic, Spielo unveil new corporate identity

Designed to bring the companies closer to the GTECH corporate identity, Atronic and Spielo have unveiled new corporate logos.

Incorporating the GTECH globe, the new logos represent the companies’ global reach and 24-hour worldwide coverage. The Atronic logo retains the “Great Games Great People” statement that has been synonymous with Atronic products and people. The new Spielo logo includes the tagline “Performance Gaming Dedicated Service,” underlining Spielo’s focus on game performance and customer service. The new logos were created to convey how the companies are moving ahead with the integration into GTECH’s Gaming Solutions group.

In May, GTECH Corp. completed the 100 percent acquisition of Atronic. “The development of the new logos was a team effort and is an important milestone in our integration efforts,” said Gerhard Burda, GTECH Gaming Solutions senior vice president and Atronic chief executive officer. “Atronic and Spielo complement each other very well and combined with GTECH create a unified organization that will become the leading end-to-end solutions provider for the global gaming industry.”

M Resort chooses Aristocrat OASIS 360 as casino management system

M Resort, Spa and Casino has selected Aristocrat Technologies’ OASIS 360 Casino Management System for the resort slated for completion in spring 2009.

Under the agreement, the $1 billion Las Vegas resort under construction on South Las Vegas Boulevard, will leverage its Ethernet casino floor network with the use of Aristocrat’s SpeedMedia marketing and promotions applications on more than 1,900 Sentinel III in-game displays across the casino. SpeedMedia gives M Resort the flexibility to create and deploy customized downloadable media and offer players additional gaming excitement with configurable secondary bonusing events.

In addition, OASIS 360 will provide M Resort with multigame analysis, customer management tools, casino floor diagnostics applications, PersonalBanker cashless wagering technologies and the integration of the resort’s hotel and food and beverage outlets, Aristocrat said in a news release.

Sean Evans, Aristocrat senior vice president of sales, said the company is confident that “this newly enhanced product will provide the resort with the tools needed in order to provide its customers the highest levels of personal service throughout the property, and we are excited about partnering with them on this venture.”

Bally, Acres-Fiore form strategic

Acres-Fiore Inc. and Bally Technologies have formed a strategic partnership that calls for Bally to make an equity investment of $6 million in Acres-Fiore under certain circumstances.

Acres-Fiore will provide Bally with exclusive use of its designs for a minimum of three years. Acres-Fiore, a California-based gaming development company started by John Acres and Rich Fiore, will develop concepts using Bally products, test the designs on casino floors around the world, and license resulting successful products back to Bally for production and sale in return for recurring royalties.

Acre-Fiore has written more than 30 patent applications during the past year centered on a new technology it calls Personalized Gaming, which automatically adapts the behavior of gaming machines to the physiographic profile of each player. “Players are individuals, and respond best to an individually customized gaming experience,” said Acres, Acres-Fiore chief executive officer.” No longer must players wander the casino in search of a suitable game. When a player sits down at a game built with Personalized Gaming technology, its characteristics automatically adapt to that specific player’s personality.”

Casino Pauma installs GameLogic's loyalty system

Southern California property Casino Pauma has launched PlayAway, GameLogic’s casino player loyalty and visit acquisition system designed to drive incremental casino visitation, becoming the first casino to fully integrate its on-property casino management system with the PlayAway system to create an on-property and off-property player bonusing experience. The roll out of the management system at Casino Pauma, operated by the Pauma Yuima Band of Mission Indians, includes GameLogic’s Fun Play and Bonus Play products. Web-based Fun Play is a suite of free, traditional casino-style Internet games. Bonus Play, also using Internet games, allows operators to reveal bonuses in an innovative manner. Using the systems, Casino Pauma players will be able to play on the Web for fun or for bonuses.

Bonuses are redeemable on-property using a current casino management system, taking place at any slot machine or kiosk. Casino Pauma can also reward PlayAway bonus credits, for later play on the Web, based on any criteria it determines, including player spend. Players can be notified through the slot machine’s display or automated e-mail.

“Integration between PlayAway and the casino management system creates very real opportunities for casino operators and system providers alike,” said John Taylor Jr., president and CEO of Massachusetts-based GameLogic. “With seamless communication, casinos, like Casino Pauma, will establish a much more impactful and direct relationship with players off- and on-property, leading to more revenue. Similarly, system providers can extend their reach into the home, helping to prove the value of their current and future technology offerings, which is essential in today’s competitive world.”