We really find a lot of people on our floor who tell us, “We saw your stuff on the Internet, and we really wanted to try this or do that.”  -  Jerry Roed, Ellis Island Casino

Jerry Roed, Director of Slot Operations, Ellis Island Casino and Brewery, Las Vegas, Nev.:

It’s going to be a factor simply because it’s so widespread. Everybody knows about it. Everybody’s got a computer these days. I don’t think any of the casinos are very good at it yet though. But there’s bound to be some way to go at it. It wouldn’t be a bad idea. You hear about people spending hours a day doing this. “I’m definitely not typical. I spend so much time analyzing stuff on a computer, and when I get home I just want to sit back and watch a movie. But I know that’s not the norm. I know there are lots of people doing this. That’s their release. That’s what they want to do when they get home.” We really find a lot of people on our floor who tell us, “We saw your stuff on the Internet, and we really wanted to try this or do that.” You’re finding more and more of that these days. People look around on that; they look at stuff before they travel. I would imagine something similar [addressing social networking or social networking sites] might be good. But I don’t know exactly how you’d do that.

Mike Tomasello, Director of Slot Operations, Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.:

I think there’s something there that would be worth exploring. Our clientele on this property – for a lot of them, this is where they socialize. This is their life. I have people who are in here all day. [But, he noted, that there could be some negatives if competitors can take advantage of the information] We’re all competing for the same people. 

Troy Simpson, Executive Director of Loyalty Marketing, Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino, Lakeside, Calif.:

We have big plans because we believe the space… sometime down the road will be a very influential space to be in. We believe that as time passages that the traditional marketing message will become diluted, and that [potential customers will get] more and more entertainment via their computer. We just want to make sure we’re in that space and in that space in a relatively meaningful way.

To me is it is connecting to the audience. The long-term goal is to make sure that all of our campaigns result in driving traffic to the casino. “The power of social networking is you have a group of emissaries for your casino [that can help bring new customers to your property.] We just need to understand that space and how we weave ourselves into it.”