News and notes from the regulatory side

GLI Europe will showcase Innovation Station at IGE 2010

At IGE 2010, GLI Europe will bring 20 years of experience and innovation with its “Innovation Station,” where its proprietary inventions – GLIAccess, GLI Verify, Point. Click.Transfer and the new GLI Link will be on display.

GLIAccess is the driving force on the back-end of Gaming Laboratories International’s Web site,, where regulators and suppliers can quickly and easily track and verify submissions and certifications. Point. Click.Transfer. is an online application that allows suppliers to quickly and easily transfer previously tested and certified products into new jurisdictions around the world, literally with the click of a mouse.

Also on the Innovation Station at IGE 2010 is GLI Verify, a handheld tool regulators use in the field to verify that the games and systems operating on a casino floor have been tested and certified by the lab. GLI has just released its latest version, 5.0, which faster and easier to use, and enables regulators to take the lab with them to the casino floor.

GLI also will show its new GLI Link that brings global interoperability testing as close as the nearest lab. With GLI Link, suppliers can test devices against systems for interoperability over the internet, with no physical shipping of devices.

Making sure that games and systems talk to each other correctly and give accurate reporting of casino activity is absolutely vital to ensure accurate transfer of information, including accounting and security events, and more and more jurisdictions are requiring this type of testing. However, shipping devices and systems all over the world can be cumbersome, expensive and delay time to market. To solve that problem, GLI’s engineers created GLI Link.

GLI Link connects manufacturers’ products and operators’ systems online, and expands interoperability testing to every GLI lab. With GLI Link, interoperability testing can performed on any game with virtually any system from any GLI lab in any time zone.

With GLI Link, suppliers can test against specific casino configurations in their local labs, in their own time zones. GLI Link eliminates wasted time and cost and streamlines the testing process.

In addition to discussing its technologies, GLI will spend time talking one-on-one with regulators about the new devices and systems on the tradeshow floor. GLI also will be discussing its upcoming 6th European Regulators Roundtable, which takes place April 15-16 in the Netherlands. The roundtable is an important event in which GLI updates regulators on the latest technologies and their potential impact on jurisdictions throughout Europe.

BMM receives recent approvals as recognized testing lab

Among the jurisdictions BMM is now approved to provide testing and certification for include Holland, Singapore and Queensland, Australia.

BMM announced over the summer that the Ministry of Justice in Holland has officially recognized BMM Spain Testlabs s.l.u. as an accredited and certified testing laboratory. A confirmation letter was sent stating that the ministry has noted that “[BMM's] testing and certification results are accepted in a number of countries, both inside and outside the EC, and the world's market leaders in casino gaming equipment are among your customers.”

The letter also states, “The Ministry confirms that BMM Spain Testlabs s.l.u. fulfills the requirements for a testing laboratory under article 6(2) of the Decree on gaming machines (Speelautomatenregeling).”

BMM also noted that it has been listed as SRTL #01/2009 by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore (CRA).

This listing followed a stringent process of company and individual probity as well as laboratory and testing capability assessment by CRA. The CRA has granted SRTL status to BMM Australia Pty Ltd's test laboratories at Melbourne and Sydney as of June 5, 2009. BMM Australia Pty Ltd is now authorized to provide testing services for gaming equipment and systems being deployed at the Integrated Resorts in Singapore.

“BMM is excited and honoured to be recognized as SRTL #01/2009 and I believe that it reflects the importance BMM places on its upcoming Testing and Compliance services in Singapore. These services can now be undertaken for the benefit of Singapore’s Gaming Industry,” said Peter Turner, managing director of BMM Australia, Asia-Pacific.

In addition, the Queensland Gaming Commission has granted BMM Australia Pty Ltd a license as a testing facility operator under the Gaming Machine Act.

GLI hosts regulators at S.D. regional summit

Gaming Laboratories International hosted more than 50 people recently at a regional Regulators Summit.

Held in South Dakota, the Summit was a condensed version of GLI’s annual Regulators Roundtable and was staged to provide critical information to regulatorswho couldn't attend the Las Vegas roundtable.

The summit was presented through GLI University, GLI’s in-house training program.

“The information presented at the Roundtable is extremely important, and several regulators in the region came to us requesting we produce the Summit. They also told us the topics that were most important to them, and we created the Summit based on their needs,” said Bill Treger, GLI senior director of development.

The event drew more than 50 regulators from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. GLI staff presented topics including forensics, security and GLIAccess, GLI’s highly secure Web-site backend where regulators can receive the latest updates and check up-to-the-minute status of certifications.

The summit also included discussions by regulators on a variety of topics, and presentations by Aristocrat Technologies, Bally Technologies, Cantor Gaming, Konami Gaming and WMS.