GSA University has grown as fast as the organization itself and has developed into a worldwide phenomenon

GSA University has grown as fast as the organization itself, and like GSA, GSA University has developed into a worldwide phenomenon. Since its inception in May 2008, 150 individuals have attended GSA University courses. A more impressive number is the fact that the students have come from nine different countries and from 37 different companies from across the gaming industry. What’s more, the courses have been taught in Australia, Canada, Macau, The Netherlands and the United States.

Students have learned about the various GSA protocols through the GSA University’s Executive Overview Program which introduces the G2S, S2S, Transport & Security and GDS protocols. Forty-seven GSA University students have attended “Overview of G2S” and 68 have attended “Basic Game Play with G2S,” both part of the G2S Certified Engineer Program

Adding to the program’s success is the fact that 64 engineers have attained basic level G2S Engineer Certification.

But what does this success mean for slot managers? It means, frankly, that 150 individuals from operators to regulators to manufacturers and testing labs have attended GSA University courses. They now have a leg up on their understanding of GSA protocols, their role in casino operations and what the near future will look like as the protocols continue to be fully implemented. Now is the time for slot managers to gain the same knowledge their peers are getting about the protocols that are running in virtually every game and system coming out of R&D today.

At GSA, we understand that the alphabet soup of our protocols – G2S, S2S, GDS, etc. – can be confusing, but their promise remains remarkable. We never intended for these protocols to be constructs that only GSA member engineers could understand or appreciate. After all, what good would that do?

That’s precisely why GSA University was established – to provide the gaming industry with the knowledge and skills necessary to consistently implement (on the supplier side) and deploy (on the operations side) GSA standards. Only then will both suppliers and operators be able to leverage the standards’ full potential.

GSA University’s Executive Awareness Program was specifically crafted to raise awareness and understanding of GSA standards throughout the gaming industry. The Executive Overview sessions are designed to provide non-technical executives and managers in marketing, sales, customer service, operations, accounting, and other departments with a clear understanding of the GSA standards and their importance, thus allowing them in establishing and maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

For engineers, GSA University’s Certified Engineer Programs offer in-depth technical training in the structure, features, implementation and testing of the GSA protocols. Earning a Certified Engineer Certificate allows individuals to demonstrate the level of knowledge and competence achieved on the GSA protocols.

Courses are offered in two different formats: either on-site or off-site, meaning, that students can come to GSA or GSA can come to students. A complete course schedule is available at

Upcoming Course Sessions

The next session “Advanced Topics in G2S” takes place July 13-17 in Las Vegas and offers technical expertise on the value add aspects of G2S, such as progressives, bonusing, remote configuration, etc.

GSA University courses will resume this fall in Las Vegas, this time with a five-day series on Transport & Security from Sept. 14-18. On the 14th is the course, “Overview of Transport and Security,” and on the 15th is “Basic Concepts in Transport & Security.” The series takes a more focused turn on Sept. 16-17 with “Advanced Transport & Security: Point-to-Point” and “Advanced Transport & Security: Multicast.”

Similar to the GSA protocols, GSA University courses are open and available to everyone. Unlike GSA’s protocols, which are available for free download online, GSA University courses come with a small fee that cover the expenses associated with running the GSA University. However, one of the many benefits of being a GSA member is that member companies receive discounts on registration fees, depending on their membership level. Courses also vary in price. For a complete course listing and fee schedule, prospective students are advised to visit, where they can also submit their registration information.

The simple truth is, GSA protocols are being implemented around the world. They are here to stay, and there is no going back. The future is just too bright with them. Slot managers need to get the education necessary to be prepared for this exciting future. More than 150 people from around the world have already advanced their knowledge through GSA University course offerings. There is no better time to prepare for the future than now.