As we finished up the second round of comments, the Sustainable Gaming Standard Committee reached another milestone, and is a step closer to the first-ever complete and open source ANSI Standard for the development of sustainable video gaming machines.

Coming closer to completion, the committee is starting to focus on the different sub-committees and the contributions that they will make. Education, outreach, marketing, energy, a group that puts together our newsletter, and we are looking to form a few others based on suggestions.

The team is always looking for new members to act as full committee members and observers, as well as sub-committee members. We have openings in the operator/user category in addition to the manufacturer and green interest groups. The work that you accomplish will help to steer this industry into a sustainable future, that is based on a lower operating cost environment while giving back to the communities that you serve and your surrounding natural environment

There has been lots of talk about multiyear revenue decreases, coupled with a massive layoffs, and increased regional competition at a level never before seen. And while the descent is slowing, it is still prevalent. There is lots of talk (especially in my columns and meetings) of finding new revenue streams by making good, solid long-term decisions for your company. While I agree that there is a need for cuts in some instances, those cuts should be to non-noticeable areas before staffing cuts are made.

By implementing cost-saving, energy conservation methods, you add dollars directly to your bottom line. How much revenue would you have to generate from gaming or resort style services in order to put the same dollars in your profit column? If this team can help to save you money on your front line (slots are your point of sale) and begin the education of your player where they give you money, the opportunities for tight player relationships increases because of the value that you have added to their lives (the ability for them to save money at home by doing some of the things they see your property doing.

After this team finishes this ANSI Standard, we will begin to work on other energy bubbles within the industry. This will be a large undertaking with the ultimate goal being to develop a LEED for casinos, to deal with the special circumstances that occur on the casino floor and in the restaurants and bars.

While this standard will focus on cutting slot machine energy use, consider the benefits of your machines using less and less energy as more of the floor becomes automated.

This standard will put gaming companies in a unique position of saving energy costs as the utilities are raising rates. By saving 50 percent of your floor’s energy use, you will be putting dollars right back to your bottom line, and you will have opportunities to discuss your green initiatives with your players at your point of sale. How powerful would it be to become more intimate with your players, and to be able to help teach them about the scalable green initiatives that they can implement in their homes or businesses?

We need your participation to make this the best standard possible for all involved along the supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, end user, and after life care/repurposing.

If you are an operator, manufacturer, an energy expert, or are just interested in helping to shape the way this industry is moving, please get in touch with me at for an invitation to participate in the ANSI standard development process for this extremely important initiative. Our team meets virtually about once a month for two hours, and then our sub-committees get together between full committee meetings.