GSA will continue to drive innovation and foster new alliances to advance standards

Driving Innovation. GSA’s tagline for the Global Gaming Expo 2010 turned out to be so much more than just a tagline. The superior level of inventive and state-of-the-art applications powered by GSA standards was evident for everyone to see throughout the tradeshow floor

It was, for us, the culmination of a great year on the supplier side of our membership. This year, GSA and our members have achieved major accomplishments, and support for GSA standards continues to grow among suppliers and in jurisdictions around the world.

In the United States, in Illinois, legislation is advancing that would require suppliers to use GSA standards to communicate with a central system, and in Maryland and Oregon, regulators have issued recommendations regarding GSA standards in their RFPs. Internationally, Canadian jurisdictions have issued recommendations for GSA standards in their RFPs, and the Austrian government and other European countries are paying close attention.

As GSA continues to advance outside of Europe and the Americas, we have incorporated GSA Asia Limited as well as extended our relationship with the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) for another two years.

Just before G2E, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. joined GSA, adding to the overall growing level of participation by operators in GSA. Driving innovation is paramount to our operator members, and as such we rely on the feedback we receive from our Operators Advisory Committee to move forward: S2S download capability for WAN; G2S occupancy meter for WAN; Daylight Saving Time adjustment for WAN; audit meters for WAN; player enrollment; ability to set play limits; and additional messages to improve player communication.

In support of the GSA operator community, Scott Voeller, vice president, Brand Strategy and Advertising for MGM Resorts International, gave the keynote address at the GSA Annual Meeting during G2E. Voeller very clearly articulated the operator state-of-mind by stating that all consumers have been personally affected by the Great Recession. He continued if this is just another recession and things will return to close to what they were, or if we have entered a new “normal” where consumer attitudes and behaviors are in the process of being completely reset. He concluded his presentation with an in-depth overview of MGM Resorts’ past, present, and future technological advances, all with the sole purpose of better serve their customers.

GSA and its members are ready for this new “normal,” and in 2011, we will be continue to collaborate with other industry associations, such as the coordinated standards development efforts in which GSA are discussing how to give operators the tools they need to provide a total property experience to attract and retain players. We will continue to educate regulators on the value of GSA certification, and expand standards functionality to address operator requirements. Additionally, we will continue to increase operator awareness and involvement, and encourage adoption at the operator level.

Now as we begin 2011, we look forward to seeing the creative and cutting-edge ways our supplier and operator members will continue to Drive Innovation! For more information about GSA, visit or call us at 510-492-4060. SlotManager

Peter DeRaedt is president of the Gaming Standards Association. He may be reached at For more information, visit