Critically informative seminars will be held at the upcoming Gaming Technology Summit

Late last month IGT announced its new Service Window solution for legacy IGT 80960 video machines, furthering its commitment to GSA and the G2S protocols. The new Service Window solution is the only GSA-compliant player interface available for IGT 80960 machines.

As more and more companies announce news like this with technologies that are GSA-compliant and G2S-driven, we at GSA get the same questions from operators over and over: How will GSA protocols affect a property of my size versus a larger property? Do I have to turn over my entire floor at once? And, where do I even begin?

Let’s take these in order. How will GSA protocols affect a property of my size versus a larger property? This question goes to the very heart of why GSA was founded in the first place, and the answer is, the effect is as flexible as the protocols themselves. There’s no doubt about it – the next generation of devices and systems that are powered by GSA protocols will put any property in a stronger competitive position. But the beauty of protocols is that they create a level playing field for both suppliers and operators. GSA standards are based on industry standard technologies. The standards are open and expandable and can be downloaded for free from the GSA Web site at Both smaller properties and larger properties can embrace these open standards and the incredible new devices, systems and applications that are based on them.

Answering the next question, “Do I have to turn over my entire floor at once?” How quickly a property converts their floor is equally flexible. Because the new protocols can easily co-exist with currently installed devices and systems, they enable operators to convert an entire floor at once, or pursue a bank-by-bank option. An entire floor conversion, while possible, would be an unlikely undertaking for a 24-hour casino, leaving a bank-by-bank scenario as a more workable solution. Fortunately, operators have two living, breathing examples of floor conversions and floor openings to use as examples – the Seminole Hard Rock in Florida and the new ARIA in Las Vegas.

But discussing how the protocols affect a property of your size or how to go about converting your casino floor are putting the cart before the horse if the pinnacle question is “Where do I even begin?” We at GSA are mindful that, while the future of gaming is fantastically exciting, it can also be difficult to understand – both in terms of what is possible and what you need to do to make it happen.

To help you understand it all, we are very excited to announce that GSA has partnered with BNP Media and WhiteSand Consulting, and GSA will present three days’ worth of critically informative seminars at the upcoming Gaming Technology Summit.

The summit takes place May 24-26 at Green Valley Ranch hotel-casino in Henderson, Nev., and we strongly recommend you attend. The entire industry is at a technology crossroads, and this summit will be one of the most important business investments you make this year.

Our sessions begin on May 24 with a workshop and an open meeting of GSA’s Operators Advisory Committee (OAC). The OAC is an incredibly valuable committee where operators give their input into how the GSA protocols must fit their business needs. The meeting is free to all GTS registrants, and all operators are encouraged to attend and make their voices heard.

On May 25, we will present four crucial seminars to help industry executives learn about the new protocols. These “Executive Awareness” sessions cover the important G2S, S2S, GDS and Transport & Security protocols, and the seminars are all presented in an easy-to-understand, non-technical format. We leave out all the bits and bytes that probably only your IT Department will understand, and we show you what is possible with the new protocols.

We also will arm you with some key questions you will need to ask your IT personnel to help ensure you are on the right track for implementation.

Our track at the summit wraps up on May 26, when we present two extremely significant discussions: “How to Speed up the Implementation of GSA Standards into New Products” and “Developing Applications with G2S.”

These sessions will discuss the building blocks suppliers will need to use and operators will need to be aware of for quick adoption of standards into developing devices and systems. These are interactive discussions, and the dialog is sure to be lively and important to the industry’s future.

We understand that these questions and answers have probably raised more questions, and that’s a good thing. We hope you will join us at the Gaming Technology Summit to get the answers you are seeking, to help you be prepared for the exciting future that lies very closely ahead.