Harrah’s Cherokee ups security and surveillance ante to meet growing needs

By North American Video (NAV)

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in North Carolina turned to security systems integrator North American Video (NAV) to provide state-of-the-art video surveillance and access control systems to effectively monitor their casino and non-gaming amenities. The surveillance upgrade and addition were part of a major expansion to the hotel and casino property, which included doubling the size of the gaming space.

The complexity of installing the new security and surveillance system made the job unique, as reflected by the more than 20 different construction phases of the project that would involve closing various sections of the property for a time and coordinating closely with various contractors to install new systems while maintaining a live operating and gaming environment for guests. The scheduling of the installation was equally important as multiple trades would be working in unison to ensure minimal downtime of the casino’s existing facilities.

NAV first met with the casino about the new expansion in 2008. The enormous job involved installing a new video monitoring room, recording solution, system head-end and adding more than 3,000 cameras. The new system uses a hybrid configuration with analog cameras covering both gaming and non-gaming areas and the addition of IP megapixel cameras to cover table games. Despite the challenges during construction, NAV was able to install the new equipment in record time.

The multi-phase expansion included developing surveillance for the new hotel tower and casino, then completely updating the surveillance of the older sections after the current expansion opened. 

NAV coordinated with main construction personnel and subcontractors to minimize the impact of the expansion on ongoing operations of the property. The surveillance system installation happened during a busy time at Harrah’s Cherokee, but NAV communicated with other contractors to minimize downtime.

NAV was involved from the project’s inception, and the integrator used a design-build approach to create the system in cooperation with the operations, architectural and interior design teams. NAV built the system from the stage of creating drawings to managing the installation. They also worked with Harrah’s Cherokee to reuse some of the existing equipment in order to minimize costs, including using an existing matrix switch, and other equipment from the existing sections.

The hybrid system uses Pelco technology, including the Pelco Endura 2.0 IP-based recording platform. Harrah’s Cherokee uses Pelco’s Sarix 1.3 megapixel cameras to provide additional resolution for the gaming tables and cages. These network cameras are connected directly to the Endura platform. The vast majority of the casino’s 3,500-plus cameras are analog, and they are connected first to a Pelco 9780 matrix switch, whose two nodes provide more than 3,500 inputs and 128 outputs to the Endura platform. Analog cameras are Pelco DF5 fixed domes and Pelco Spectra 4 pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) domes.

The expansion and relocation of the video surveillance control room has improved working conditions for system operators. Previously, operators were crowded in a small room alongside the server equipment and sometimes had to move to a different workstation to view video. Now there is a larger control room, operators have access from each workstation, and there is plenty of space for servers elsewhere.

In addition to viewing the gaming areas and providing security, the surveillance system provides operational advantages for Harrah’s Cherokee. For example, operators can view how many guests are waiting in line or whether employee performance reflects their training. Supervisors can be alerted in real-time to address any customer service issues.

In a property as successful as Harrah’s Cherokee, future growth is always likely, and the new video system is prepared to accommodate whatever the future holds. Forward thinking has prepared them to handle any expansion in the next five to 10 years; whether it’s more restaurants, gaming space or event venues, Harrah’s Cherokee is ready for the future with NAV.

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Verification solution gains traction in casino environments


As a casino or gaming executive, you know enforcing your jurisdiction’s gambling age restrictions is not a luxury; it is a necessity. If you don’t do that job well, your employer could suffer large and possibly onerous penalties.

You also know that underage gambling can be an indicator of more serious problems that a young adult or adolescent may be having. Your efforts can help prevent critical consequences for some individuals in the future.

The good news is that evolving technology makes your job easier than ever before. Your age verification solution is’s M310 Handheld ID card reader with VeriScan Mobile; a system that has already been adopted by the Bogata Casino in Atlantic City,  SugarHouse in Philadelphia and the Grand Falls Casino Resort in Iowa, just to name a few.


You’ll find a selection of features and benefits in this handheld device and software that permit you to get the information you need on the floor in real time. The M310 VeriScan will:

• Capture accurate information quickly while you are dealing face to face with your customer.

• Provide you with customizable options.

• Make your data collection and age verification portable.

• Provide full automation with a manual override if necessary.

• Capture IDs from all 50 states, Canada, and military IDs, including magnetic strip and 2D bar code formats.

The combination of the M310 Handheld ID card reader and VeriScan Mobile will further:

• Protect your casino from underage liquor use and/or gambling;

• Reduce your liability;

• Provide instantaneous age verification;

• Identify fake ids;

• Identify multiple ID use; and

• Collect valuable demographic information or create special lists of customers.


The Research and Development unit at the California Department of Motor Vehicles reviewed all available handheld ID scanners in North America. They determined that the M310 with VeriScan Mobile was the most reliable system.

The M310 card reader with VeriScan Mobile provides you with much more than we can list here so please visit to learn more.


Slot bases and gaming locks help protect Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati’s gaming floor

By VSR Industries

VSR Industries, a Henderson, Nev.-based slot base and game lock manufacturer, played a critical role on the slot floor for the recently opened Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati (HCC). HCC, operated by Caesars Entertainment, contracted VSR to produce and install the 2,000 slot bases and 19,000 high-security gaming locks for the variety of slot machines on the new property. Few things are more important to casino operations than security and player experience, and therein lie VSR’s key responsibilities.

“Most people do not realize that a casino property legally cannot open their doors unless our job is executed to perfection,” said Colton Vollmann, COO-partner for VSR Industries. “That’s why our installation role is so critical—we do more than manufacture locks and bases.”

VSR’s Ecco slot bases are unique in the world of metal slot bases because of their universal mounting system, which allows casino floors to quickly and easily mount a wide variety of games without any other special hardware. This makes the addition of new games or rearrangement of slot floors extremely easy and efficient. Ecco also derives its name from the material and cost savings inherent in this efficient new design.

VSR works hand in hand with casino operations and security to establish proprietary lock codes to ensure the highest level of security on the gaming floor. Every step of the lock manufacturing and coding process is strictly monitored at the VSR manufacturing facility in Henderson.

Other recent VSR/Caesars Entertainment partnerships in the area include Horseshoe Cleveland (1,850 bases and over 15,000 locks), and ThistleDown Racino (1,080 bases and more than 9,000 locks).

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Solving an age old problem

By CardCom Technology

While most everyone takes precautions when checking identification, it only takes one slip-up, one false I.D., and you could be facing penalties and liability exposure that impact operations and profits.  And complying with state laws is an ongoing battle.

The VIAGE CAV Series of ID Readers are comprehensive Age and ID verification solutions that offer a compact ergonomic design, independent operation and require no user training. The technology also dramatically improves employee efficiency by eliminating the human error factor and reducing customer confrontation while providing document due diligence proof simply and seamlessly.

The CAV is an all-in-one scanning solution offering speed and accuracy in reading all jurisdictional ID/DL cards in the U.S. and Canada.  It is one of the most durable, affordable and dummy-proof protections against ID fraud and sales to minors. With over a decade proven success in the market, let the CAV be your work horse for years to come.

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