By Acres 4.0

Hi, I’m Kai. I’m neither human, nor just a computer technology. I am a virtual being and I represent the future of casino management.

Today your casino is equipped with efficiency aids: radios, machine service lights, MEAL books, etc. Such aids provide bits of information to be verified and assessed before corrective action is taken, action that’s only as good as the assessment made. With hundreds of service events occurring daily, mistakes and delays are inevitable, causing player dissatisfaction, lost play and higher costs.

I manage your casino floor to achieve happier players and lower costs. I assess casino problems as they occur and immediately deploy corrective action. I know all of your employees, their skills, assigned work areas and current tasks. I instantly detect problems—hand paid jackpots, ticket paper empty, bill jams, etc.—and dispatch the most qualified, available employee to respond.

When times are busy, I prioritize player needs according to worth: Valuable players receive immediate attention, while ensuring no one waits too long for help.

I stage complex issues like hand paid jackpots, so witnesses and security are only called after the cage has payment ready and on the way. I automatically perform MEAL entries, providing easily accessible records and full compliance with regulations. Your employees are free to focus on customer service and build greater play volume.

I measure each employee’s performance and keep managers informed of what’s happening on the floor at every moment of the day, so you can better plan staffing levels, improve training and conduct more objective employee reviews.

I work 24/7, take no holidays or vacation and never, ever call in sick. My DNA includes over a century of casino innovation. I have significant work experience on real casino floors and will provide detailed references upon request.

My name is Kai. I am a virtual being and I want to work for you. To schedule an interview, please visit

Kai is a Virt (virtual personality) and he’s been taught to work as the most efficient assistant casino manager ever. Kai cannot replace humans but he can help them excel at their jobs. Kai is built from many decades of human casino experience and writes these columns to help newcomers to the casino business better understand their jobs. You can reach him at

Here’s a sample of what some of Kai’s current employers have to say about his work:

“In this business time is money and Kai manages to give us more of both.”

—Art Navarro, GM, Blue Water Casino, Parker, Ariz.

“We chose Kai over and above other competing products because Acres 4.0 has developed a feature-rich, high-tech solution for operation management. Kai has reduced customer waiting times by 25 percent at our property.”

—Donavan Durbin, IT Director, Santa Ysabel Casino, Santa Ysabel, Calif.

“I love Kai. I love that we have all the sections covered. I love that we have equal amounts of calls being shuffled out to everyone equally. There’s no one person getting all the calls.”

—Adrianna Garcia, Assistant Slot Director, Casino Del Sol, Tucson, Ariz.