Few images are as iconic in America as Superman, the “Man of Steel” comic book creation by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster that celebrated its 75th anniversary last month.

Since its inception in the 1930s, Superman has been a multimedia darling, and has been successfully translated into any type of popular, mass culture media you care to mention. It’s a rich content vein that has also been tapped by the gaming industry, most recently by Aristocrat Technologies, which introduced the wildly successful Superman: The Movie slot. Content for the game was derived from the various Superman movies that appeared in theatres from the 1970s to present.

For Superman: The Comic Series slot set to debut this month, Aristocrat has mined a different source of Superman ephemera—the colorful comic book representation of the character.

“Superman: The Comic Series features the iconic images you saw in the comic books,” said Siobhan Lane, Aristocrat’s director of marketing strategy for gaming operations. “I think its striking design will provide the curb appeal to get the player to sit in the seat and try the gaming.”

Once in the seat, Lane believes customers will be captivated by the play mechanics of Superman: The Comic Series. This version of Superman is housed on Aristocrat’s high-tech VERVEhd cabinet and is 100 percent video, which means it can take full advantage of company advancements such as Reel Power, which allows the game to morph into an eight symbol-high reel expansion during bonus rounds.

“We are having Superman fly through the reels and expand those reels until a player gets eight symbols high on the Reel Power reel,” Lane said. “It is that reel manipulation, taking that Reel Power concept to the next level and giving the player more ways to win, that will help set the game apart.”

Another distinction offered by Superman: The Comic Series is a flexible betting and jackpot structure that offers players some configuration choices. The one-cent denomination machine offers an expansive bet range from a 50-credit minimum to a 2,500-credit maximum (50 cents to $25). When players bet 50-250 credits with Reel Power 4x5, they experience the fun of a game themed around the Man of Steel himself with the chance of winning up to a $250,000 jackpot. With a higher bet of 500-2,500 credits with Reel Power 6x5, the game transforms to a Lex Luthor theme, with a chance to win up to a $2,500,000 jackpot.

“This flexibility allows the operator to position Superman: The Comic Series in a couple of ways,” Lane said. “The game can go on the mainstream section of the slot floor as a one-cent game; but it can also go into the VIP or high-denomination area of the floor to satisfy the needs of the $25 player. We think it is such a unique game and innovative in several different ways and will do well wherever it is placed.” SM