Jerry in Bingo Land—ZITROZitro, a global leader in video bingo games, has launched Jerry en el País del Bingo (Jerry in Bingo Land), a new game which transports the player to a magical place filled with fantasy. Jerry is the main character of this game which is based on the book Alice in Wonderland. Throughout this adventure, Jerry will come across curious characters such as the sweet Alice, the mischievous rabbits and a friendly caterpillar who are always happy to give away a host of prizes.

Zitro's new game features three different bonuses in which the player can opt for more and improved prizes. The TIC TAC BONUS has the patron playing against time to secure more credits. In the TEA TIME BONUS, Jerry gives away new prizes while asking you to tea. In the FUNGI BONUS a friendly smoking caterpillar oversees a fun game in which players can opt for more prizes.

All of the above bonuses are accompanied by a sound track featuring lively music and lyrics that urge players to sing along and otherwise join in on the entertainment provided by this new game.

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