053013_MaxSite 3.0_RYMAX MARKETING SERVICESCasino loyalty program participants can now access real-time rewards catalogs from any web-enabled device or casino-based kiosk through Rymax Marketing Services’ proprietary digital rewards and redemption tool, MaxSite 3.0. The service is custom designed for each loyalty program according to a casino’s onsite promotional events, player demographics and real-time player behavior at each property.

Loyalty marketing events such as Shopping Sprees, Sweepstakes and Pick-a-Gifts are conducted at the casino, which helps drive players to the property while further building engagement and brand loyalty onsite. Players are able to view the event offerings on the rewards platform prior to an event, browse from thousands of brand name rewards and create wish lists that will drive them to play up to earn their desired reward. A key revenue generator is the younger player base and properties who offer this event model will attract Millennials who are accustomed to online rewards programs with high-quality brands. Loyalty events and promotions can also be designed to compliment a casino’s entertainment or other high-profile events to further segment and concentrate on a specific player base. Designing promotions for specific time periods or throughout the year builds continuity and increases wallet spend at a property.

“Casinos need to differentiate their loyalty programs with customized promotions that set themselves apart from their competition and Rymax’s MaxSite 3.0 provides real-time in-house solutions,” said Paul Gordon, vice president of sales, Rymax Marketing Services. “MaxSite’s web-based promotional strategy compliments social media behavior which is one of the most effective methods properties can utilize to reach today’s player.”

Rymax’s analytic tools display program trends and player behavior at each property, providing the opportunity to implement strategic changes to the casino’s rewards platform in real-time. MaxSite 3.0 offers an effective marketing approach to update reward offerings to the most desirable brands, categories, price points and trends, ensuring Rymax creates a program where players are constantly engaged.

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