053013_PLXpatrol DDoS attack portal_PROLEXICHollywood, Fla.-based Prolexic, a global leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services, tracks more than 47 million bots in its global IP reputational database. Each time a bot is used in a DDoS attack against a Prolexic client, the bot’s IP address and location are logged and tracked. Information on the number of bots, along with trend details on attack types and attack locations is now available in PLXpatrol, the company’s free public DDoS attack portal.

Since its launch in 2012, PLXpatrol has been providing up-to-the-minute intelligence and insight on DDoS threats to the world’s IT and security community. The information presented in PLXpatrol is sourced from Prolexic’s analytical and IP reputational databases.

“Version 2.0 builds on the very successful launch of PLXpatrol and provides more views and more data,” said Stuart Scholly, president at Prolexic. “With this free tool, users have the ability to drill down and get deeper insight on DDoS attacks, both historically and in near real-time.”

The first release of PLXpatrol included an Attack Tracker, showing where DDoS attacks directed against Prolexic’s clients were originating from and geographic locations of targets. Additional views included Country Rankings. Key additions in PLXpatrol 2.0 include:

• Attack Tracker—This tool has been enhanced with an optional three-dimensional view of attacks sources and destinations, along with details on the number of recent attacks originating in each country.

• Attack Types—This new tool shows the most common attack vectors being used in DDoS attacks over the last 30 days and all-time (since Prolexic has been tracking attack types).

For more information, visit www.prolexic.com.