Inspired Gaming Group, a supplier of ETG products, multi-game SBG slots, VLTs and virtual sports, will unveil the industry’s first synchronized multi table game08_SM0313_pic2_Inspired_Sabre-Syncro_1.jpg product at ICE called Sabre Synchro.

 Sabre Synchro allows players to alternate between different electronic table games, including roulette (live, auto or virtual wheels), baccarat and virtual horse betting. By utilizing Sabre’s panoramic 26-inch widescreen, the changes back and forth between different games can be done swiftly from the same screen. There is no need to cash out and change the machine or to go back to the menu screen to select a different game. Up to four different games are at the player’s fingertips at all times and can be enjoyed at the same time. Visit for more info