062713_AirQ_300Foul odors from indoor trash rooms often leach into common areas offending tenants, residents or customers. Prolitec, the Milwaukee, Wisc.-based developer of scenting and air-care technologies under the Air/Q Atmospheres brand, has launched a clean, convenient and consistent solution to the problem.

The new product—Air/Q Trash Odor Control—uses patented technology to stop malodors from leaching into common areas at apartment and office complexes, nursing homes, assisted living communities, hospitals, restaurants, malls, grocery stores, hotels, gaming facilities, cruise ships, theaters and other buildings that make use of indoor trash rooms and chutes.

Air/Q Trash Odor Control’s scent is delivered in ultra-light droplets that float freely to every part of an enclosed space, providing uniform coverage as well as intensity. Dispersed from wall- or ceiling-mounted appliances, the fresh, clean scents come in “Sparkling Lime” and “Grapefruit Fresh.” The fully programmable system’s on-board computers give users the ability to adjust the intensity of the scent effect to meet their specific needs.

For more information, visit www.prolitec.com.