062713_Innovolt_300Innovolt, the Atlanta-based provider of intelligent asset management technology, has unveiled theInnovolt Management Cloud (IMC) which enables enterprise users to remotely track and monitor business critical electronics environments.

The IMC, the next evolution of the company’s offerings, powers the performance of vital distributed electronic assets by collecting and aggregating data into a centralized cloud location. The platform allows users the ability to analyze key information such as the frequency, type and location of power-related events.

In conjunction with the launch of the IMC, Innovolt also is rolling out its Power Doctor Smartphone Adaptor which is designed to read data generated by Innovolt’s electronics management appliances and upload it immediately to the cloud platform. Users can simply plug the Adaptor into a smartphone and, using the Innovolt App, optically read performance data associated with the asset’s environment. The data is then available for analysis from any web-enabled device and can be uploaded directly into the IMC.

For more information, visit www.innovolt.com.