San Francisco-based Skillz, one of the first companies to legally enable betting on mobile games in the U.S., has surpassed 1 million downloads since launching one month ago. The company has also announced partnerships with five additional independent developers and studios that will implement the Skillz monetization platform in their games.

Skillz will enable both real and virtual cash competitions inside Android skill-game titles from Fluik, G‐Gee by GMO, Adam Schmelzle, Flying Wisdom Studios and Measured Software.

“Online gambling and mobile betting are big businesses, but until now, most Americans have been left out of the game,” said Andrew Paradise, CEO and Founder of Skillz. “With Skillz, developers can offer cash competitions in skill-based games across the majority of U.S. states. There is a huge audience in the U.S. who want to play games for real money and we’re working with studios to make that possible right now.”

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