070213_MEI Hialeah Park Casino_300The Hialeah Park Casino, which will open at the famous South Florida racetrack of the same name later this summer, has specified all 882 of its slot machines be equipped with both SC Advance and EASITRAX Soft Count from West Chester, Pa.-based MEI. The facility’s slots will also be equipped with GEN2 Universal printers from FutureLogic, the Glendale, Calif.-based developer of innovative ticket printing and couponing solutions.

SC Advance has evolved from the industry-proven CASHFLOW SC note acceptor, applying new technology and market knowledge to make the product even better. According to company literature, CASHFLOW SC features enhanced recognition technology, faster note-to-note speed, improved barcode recognition and capacity to accept more than 100 different currencies and denominations. SC Advance also has one of the industry’s best acceptance rates for valid street-grade notes, including those that are wet, crinkled or torn.

The ability to enhance SC Advance with EASITRAX Soft Count, which is now installed in over 100,000 games worldwide, has evolved MEI’s role as a components supplier to a cash management partner. EASITRAX is an integrated software/hardware system that boosts casino profits by streamlining the overall cash management process.

“We are thrilled with Hialeah Park Casino’s decision to open exclusively with MEI products,” said Eric Fisher, MEI senior vice president – Americas. “The partnership was kindled by the property’s desire to implement industry-leading technology into a thorough approach to cash management. EASITRAX Soft Count simplifies the drop process, yields immediate labor savings and creates newfound access performance data. The combination with SC Advance helps our customers achieve their goals—right down to the bottom line.”

Opening a new operation with a proven cash management process was vital to management’s decision to go with MEI. “We are very confident that MEI is the right partner for us and will assist us in our number one goal of providing a great customer experience on the casino floor as it relates to the note acceptors” said Steve Calabro, vice president and general manager of casino operations for Hialeah Park Casino. “The consultative approach—combined with an impressive resume—gave us the confidence to not only specify MEI, but use its products as core elements to implementing a comprehensive cash management system.

Calabro also had high praise for FutureLogic. “Having worked closely with the FutureLogic's sales and technical teams at my previous positions, I'm confident that in addition to providing excellent support, FutureLogic clearly offers leading-edge technology printers which will assist us in delivering superior customer service on our casino floor,” he said. “Their reputation as the provider of high-caliber products and services, factored into our decision in selecting the GEN2 Universal printer for our new casino.”

“We are pleased that the executive team at Hialeah Park Casino recognizes our commitment to delivering the best-in-class printers,” said Nick Micalizzi, vice president of sales and marketing, North America, for FutureLogic. “Looking ahead, as Hialeah Park looks to expand their resort's marketing plans, the GEN2 Universal presents a seamless solution with our PromoNet promotional couponing solution.”

Ready for promotional couponing, the printer can provide operators with separate and secure processing environments for both TITO and promotional couponing, according to company literature. Moreover, equipped with a 50 percent larger standard ticket capacity, the GEN2 Universal printer can save operators up to 20 refills or $200 per printer annually. Further reducing costs, the unit eliminates paper waste by consuming the ticket stack down to the last ticket. The GEN2 Universal printer is server-based ready, supports both SPC (IGT) and GDS protocols and can be configured to communicate with multiple hosts simultaneously, such as RS-232 or Netplex, and USB protocols.