Ethnic Technologies, a South Hackensack, N.J.-based provider of multicultural marketing research, database enhancements, modeling and analytics, has released E-Tech Version 8.1, the latest iteration of its ethnic encoding software.

The result of over 40 years of continuous ethnic, religious and language preference research, E-Tech allows clients to segment their database by ethnicity, religion, language preference, country of origin and gender more accurately and comprehensively than any other approach.

 Ethnic Technologies has a long history of close work with casinos. Asians in particular, while generally representing a minority of one’s clientele, still provide a disproportionate amount of revenue. Targeting these crucial populations, and catering to their individual and culturally-specific needs goes a long way to building the loyalty that these institutions need. And Asians are just one group that should be identified with culturally competent marketing efforts. Eastern Europeans such as Russians and Poles, especially in urban areas such as Chicago, can be a very important source of revenue as well.

Ethnic Technologies also offers a variety of adjunct modules to further expand E-Tech Version 8.1’s analytic capabilities. For example, the EthniCenter function offers an Assimilation Index, which distinguishes Hispanic and Asian individuals based on their ability to speak their native language or understand the language of their prevailing culture. The company’s Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA) uses granular, multi-sourced geographic information as well as other proprietary technologies to determine the ethnicity of what other, less-sophisticated name systems will only identify as “multi-ethnic.” The analytics department at E-Tech offers ethnic data appending services and mapping to provide businesses with an overview of new and existing markets.

The company also offers G-Tech 3.2, software that helps to determine and analyze gender.  For more info, visit