072613 POTW_APEM_QRM_300APEM Inc., a manufacturer of quality switches and joysticks, has unveiled the QRM Series of rear-mounting LED indicators. The durable and customizable series is suitable for a wide range of applications, from heavy machinery to military devices, and the QRM-NV series, including night vision (NVIS) LEDs, provides an even broader spectrum of potential uses.

APEM’s new line of indicators are available in five different colors, in addition to bi- and tri-color LEDs, and are available as both standard intensity and hyper bright for visibility under sunlight. The black chrome finished indicators are available with either wire or pin terminations and are operable over a range of voltages and at a wide range of temperatures. The QRM Series indicators are epoxy sealed to IP67 standards to eliminate worries about dust or water damage. The LEDs provide additional assurance with 100,000 hour life expectancies.

The QRM-NV versions are also available in six colors and provide the same 100,000 hour life time and IP67 protection, making them ideal for military and commercial vehicles and ships, as well as for outdoor applications like wildlife observation. Like all LEDs, the APEM indicators offer low power consumption and heat generation in addition to their high reliability.

For more information, visit www.apem.com.