080813 POTW_Toshiba_300Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group, a business unit of Toshiba America Information Systems, has introduced its new, advancedIK-WB81A IP bullet camera with full 1080p HD resolution. Designed for outdoor video surveillance, the IK-WB81A captures a wider field of view than competitive bullet cameras by using an exclusive, long-range SRLED (Single Reflex LED) IR system with an illumination angle of 53 degrees.

The IK-WB81A is ideal for video surveillance applications that experience changing light conditions throughout the day and require extra illumination at night. Its Vari-focal 3.7mm to 9mm zoom lens and SRLED IR illuminators are complimented by new Split Glass technology that prevents LED light from reflecting back into the lens. Split Glass eliminates the washed-out "halo" effect often seen on nighttime images, especially when the lens glass is dirty or wet.

The IK-WB81A installs quickly and easily. It comes standard with simplified cable management, remote optical zoom and one-touch remote auto focus to eliminate the need for contractors to run back and forth to the control room to confirm proper focus.

For more information, visit www.toshibasecurity.com.