082213 POTW_StylGames Tower Shift_300The innovative Tower Shift sliding chair base with machine hook is ideal for slant tops and special slot machines. Tower Shift allows the player to achieve the ideal ergonomic position by letting them to easily slide the chair and move towards or away from the slot machine to optimize their playing position.

Sliding forward or back does not require the use of any handle or lever. Players can find and maintain the desired position simply making the seat slide forward or backwards.

Tower Shift in available in its “Plus” version. This has a higher sliding platform that allows the passage of cables to connect the seat to the slot machine for interactive chair installment.

Any seat model from the Royal Stool line of products can be placed on the Tower Shift or Tower Shift Plus frames. The seat can be further optimized with the exclusive swivel and height regulating mechanism.

For more information, visit www.royalstool.com.