082213 POTW_Zitro 80s Bingo_300Zitro recaptures the aesthetics of the 1980’s in a new title: 80’s Bingo. Filled with surprises, this is a high-tech game that includes unique graphics and music; and also offers a 3D environment with a 3D Real Time motor, which enables the player to enjoy a feeling of natural movement.

For this latest creation, Zitro’s Factory of Ideas has invested much on images and sound, which has resulted in a series of different animations and songs for bingo prizes, which are announced by means of a musical video clip.

80’s Bingo also has a special bonus feature which leads the player to five different possibilities in five distinct games, all while basking in a 1980’s vibe.

In this game, Zitro also introduces a new and exclusive element in the form of a bonus roulette-style game when an extra bingo ball is purchased.

For more information, visit www.zitrogames.com.