Since the 1990s, Terrible’s Hotel & Casino has graced a corner three blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip. Along the way it became a hangout for the local gaming crowd, a place offering inexpensive food and entertainment for the daily gambler.

But for the past year, Terrible’s has been undergoing a physical transformation. Parent Company Affinity Gaming has invested $7 million into the facility—an all-encompassing renovation the includes new furniture and bathroom fixtures in the 327 spacious guest rooms, new slot machines on the state-of-the-art casino floor, renovations to the William Hill race and sports book and a new welcome area/players club combination. The property also boasts a 192-seat bingo room, the S7 Buffet, 24-hour Sterling Spoon Café and two casino bars offering a perfect place to watch the game or enjoy live entertainment.

Included in the renovation is a re-branding of the property away from Terrible’s and to Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino. As part of this re-branding, the exterior of the property also received a refreshed look with the installation of new neon signage to reflect Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino.

David Nolan, Silver Sevens vice president and general manager, took some time to discuss the renovation with Casino JournalEditor Paul Doocey prior to the property’s July 1 grand re-opening. Here are some excerpts from that conversation.

David Nolan
David Nolan


Terrible’s was a well-known brand in the Las Vegas area. Why did you decide to go away from it and develop Silver Sevens?

Nolan: We invested countless hours and millions of dollars into enhancing our offerings here at the property and the name change to Silver Sevens is the final phase of this project. It offers the perfect outlet for bringing all of our interior enhancements into the public view.


What does Silver Sevens denote? Does it have special meaning?

Nolan: It does. We wanted to have a “fun” connotation. We want to be fun for the local folks and what we did was say “Silver” refers to the “Silver State” and “Sevens” talks to good luck; it talks to slots with three sevens, it talks to craps and blackjack and everything gaming. That is how we came up with it.


What did this re-branding to Silver Sevens entail? What have you done from both a physical and marketing perspective?

Nolan: Inside the property we have renovated the rooms and the sports book in partnership with William Hill. We have also renovated our restaurants, players club, hotel bars, meeting space, restrooms and our customers are currently enjoying all of those enhancements. In the coming weeks we will introduce new menus and brand concepts within our restaurants and change the exterior signage.


What are you doing to promote this re-branding? What are you doing to make sure people understand what is happening with the facility?

Nolan: A few things… one is that through our direct marketing efforts, we are touching all of our current guests. We also have public relations and advertising efforts—we are going to go off with a lot of media advertising starting in July. So we went to our database first and then to direct marketing and then to our PR side and then the next push will be on the advertising front.


When do you plan to be totally done and officially re-opened under the Silver Sevens name?

Nolan: July 1, 2013 is the official date.


Did you close for any of this process?

Nolan: No… though sometimes we had big construction projects that might have benefitted from a little closure. But, no, we don’t close casinos. That is not in my management philosophy. We did all the renovations while remaining open.


How much of a challenge was this? How did you get around the various issues with the customers?

Nolan: It is always a challenge, but our customers and guests are excited about the renovations. They have become “lookey-loos,” always peeking behind the curtain to see what is coming next. They are excited as we are. This has been their home away from home for many years and they are appreciative of us putting in the capital investments.


Does the switch to Silver Sevens mean Terrible’s is no longer a casino brand? Are there any more Terrible’s within the Affinity Gaming family?

Nolan: We went through the re-branding at our other properties about two years ago. This will be the last one. The reason we’re the last is because of the brand recognition of the name in Las Vegas. It did not have that same brand recognition throughout the rest of the country.  


David Nolan is vice president and general manager for Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino, an Affinity Gaming property. He can be reached by through the casino’s website at