090513 POTW_AnestasiA Vodka_300Vodka enthusiasts and mixologists welcomed the Las Vegas introduction of AnestasiA Vodka, a new handcrafted, American-made, ultra-premium spirit. The gluten-free vodka housed in an innovative bottle designed by famed Karim Rashid has quickly been welcomed with open arms and shelves.

According to company press materials, although AnestasiA is entering a crowded marketplace rife with options and flavors, a variety of superior characteristics will enable the newbie to immediately stand out and quickly rise to the top in the Las Vegas market. AnestasiA Vodka is made in America at a Bend, Ore., facility that utilizes all natural sweet corn and the extraordinarily pure water that makes the small city home to 19 microbreweries, three distilleries and four wineries. The corn is blended with yeast, then distilled five times and filtered five times through natural volcanic rock and quartz crystal until a 190 proof distillate is reached, at which point it is blended down with the pure Bend water to the desired 80 proof resulting in a uniquely sweet, pure and gluten-free vodka.

Upon launch, AnestasiA Vodka will continue to be available in key markets nationwide including hot spots like New York and Las Vegas, at select liquor stores and leading nightlife venues such as Tao at The Venetian and Lavo at The Palazzo.

For more information, visit www.anestasia.com.