G2E booth number: 1837

A lot can go wrong in a TITO slot, but failure caused by ticket stock is unacceptable. The wrong ticket stock can wreak havoc on slot operations. There are the obvious problems: paper jams, unreliable scans and perforation malfunctions. Beyond these, the wrong stock may mean long-term issues like paper dust, print head abrasion and residue buildup.

These all have negative consequences on uptime, maintenance, guest satisfaction and, ultimately, profitability. Appvion Royale ticket stock is engineered to avoid these problems.

More than 45 years ago, Appleton Papers was instrumental in bringing thermal paper to the world. Renamed Appvion in May, the company continues to create unique solutions through application of innovative design and technology to tackle customers’ biggest challenges. Royale ticket stock is specifically designed to exceed the demand of slot operations. By combining experience and expertise in paper science with advanced manufacturing facilities, Royale maximizes performance and minimizes downtime.

A ticket stock problem may be related to one of the following:

• Caliper: To perform smoothly, tickets must have precise and consistent thickness. Even slight fluctuations could cause paper jams and premature wear on printer components. Royale avoids these problems through remarkably consistent caliper.

• Uniformity: Tiny variations in a paper’s fiber structure result in curl and that may cause jamming, uneven roller wear, print head abrasion, or create excess dust. Royale offers exceptionally smooth formation for unmatched flatness and curl-resistance.

• Perfability: Perforations on weak TITO stock may break prematurely leading to jamming. If a stock’s too strong, the perf doesn’t separate and the player pulls out unprinted tickets. Poor perfing means excess dust and fibers. Royale is carefully tested and controlled to yield the ideal balance of strength and perfability.

• Scannability: If barcodes don’t scan, the efficiency and smoothness of your operation suffers. Bar codes have to be sharp and accurate while resisting abrasion, smudging or discoloration. Royale TITO stock is renowned for precise imaging and flawless scanning.

• Durability: Tickets must withstand rough handling as well as contact with liquids, alcohol, hand sanitizer and other substances guests will expose them to. Appvion’s protective coating layer ensures the printed image keeps its integrity.

 Finally, you also have to be sure that every batch you order will have the same special qualities and characteristics you need for profitable performance. Here again, Appvion constantly works to set the standard while improving and innovating to meet the changing needs of the gaming industry.