G2E booth number: 4041

FutureLogic, Inc., a leading developer of innovative ticket printing and couponing solutions, will be showcasing its latest promotional couponing solution product, PromoNet Bank, at G2E.PromoNet Bank

With no network or server requirements, the PromoNet Bank solution is unlike any other promotional couponing solution and can be up and running at the operator’s bank of choice within hours. It links game-play metrics and slot promotions directly to player behavior, thus enabling casinos to boost player club sign-up, extend game play and increase slot revenues. With PromoNet Bank, operators have the means to allocate budgets, design coupons, select trigger marketing conditions and manually upload promotions and download issuance and redemption data to an entire bank of slots using Bluetooth or a USB flash drive. Once uploaded into a bank, coupons are issued automatically from the slots based on game-play behavior that meets preset conditions. Players can then redeem the coupons at the relevant location. This solution personalizes the player’s experience by allowing them to redeem, exchange or accumulate coupons, or progress through game play according to the casino’s rewards program. With a multitude of ways to segment marketing data, the PromoNet Bank solution’s business analytics features provide all the information casinos need to identify player preferences, optimize promotion effectiveness and maximize results.

In addition to the PromoNet Bank couponing solution, FutureLogic will exhibit its full range of printing and couponing products, including the PromoNet couponing solution, TableXchange printer/scanner, as well as the GEN3 Evolution, GEN2 Universal and CouponXpress printers.

 For a limited time, U.S. customers can receive the PromoNet Bank couponing solution for free by specifying the GEN3 Evolution printer between June 4, 2013 and December 31, 2013. To take advantage of this special limited time offer, casinos simply need to contact FutureLogic.