G2E booth number: 3634

JCM Global continues to evolve with innovative and diverse technologies that help casinos do business better, smarter and faster all around the casino floor. This year, the evolution begins with the award-winning iVIZION bill validator. Already recognized as one of the best bill validators in the industry’s history, iVIZION is further evolving with a set of bundled enhancement tools that empower casino operators to do much more with peripheral components, and in real time. 

iVIZION’s bundled enhancement tool, called Dynamic Network Applications (DNA), was earlier this year named a Casino Journal Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product. It empowers operators with real-time reports and alerts, and can enable regulators to instantly verify peripheral devices and software versions, view reports and more.

In the pit, JCM’s iV8 table game bill validator was developed specifically for the high-volume table game marketplace. Unlike manual counting at the table, iV8 counts and validates currency at eight notes per second, and can instantly and dramatically increase the number of games played per hour. 

Around the property, operators can evolve their marketing messages with power and flexibility courtesy of JCM’s wide range of digital media options. From e-posters to large-format displays and a new tile display format that allows operators to configure custom display designs, JCM’s digital displays help operators communicate with customers throughout the entire operation in a more compelling and dynamic media.

JCM’s Mobile Wage Wallet (MW2) continues to evolve with new capabilities that allow customers to use their mobile phones as e-wallets, carrying cash, player club cards and promotional offerings electronically in a secure, password-protected environment. 

 JCM will also show its Sentry 2 bezel that communicates in up to four languages; its award-winning PayCheck 4 and HSVL thermal printers; the ICB 2 intelligent cash box; BlueWave upload tool; and the iPRO and iPRO-RC, UBA, TBV and Vega and Vega-RC bill validators. The RC, or recycling, bill validators add note recycling technology, making them a solution for every type of device on the route or on the casino floor.