G2E booth number: 1154

Konami Gaming is a complete gaming manufacturer that develops, designs, manufacturers, distributes, sells and services slot machines and an innovative casino management system, Synkros. Next month at G2E, Konami will be showcasing Podium Monument, Titan 360 and Synkros. 

The Podium Monument is the newest addition to Konami’s Podium family. It features a 22-inch touch screen LCD for base games and a large 32-inch vertical top box to display progressive levels. The top box has bright attract-mode lighting that synchronizes with game play. Quick Strike Quad is one of the first titles that will be released on the Podium Monument. It’s a KP3 video theme that includes a four-level progressive. The progressive feature is randomly triggered and the more a player bets, the higher the chance of hitting the progressive. Additional game themes that will be featured on the Podium Monument are Snow Stars: White Winter, Snow Stars: Wild Winter and Rock Around the Clock: Doo-Wop Dudes.

Titan 360, Konami’s largest progressive machine, is a large game with big, bright and exciting features extended above eight Konami video slot machines. It is compatible with Konami’s standard 30-line video game themes. For an additional 20-credit wager per bet level, players are given the opportunity to enter the Rise to Wealth bonus when a lock symbol appears on reel one and a key symbol appears on reel five. The amount available to be won in the Titan 360 bonus event is determined by the bet level wagered by the player when the bonus is triggered. During the Bonus Ring, the ball can land on a dollar amount or a color that corresponds with a progressive prize.  

Synkros is best known for its advanced capabilities of real-time analysis, reliability and innovative marketing tools. It offers True Time Tournaments, a unique approach for system-delivered community gaming. Patrons can now play tournaments at their own convenience with a player on-demand format or in a group-start format. Synkros also offers SuperSeries, a multi-level, multi-themed, floor-wide bonusing tool. SuperSeries was designed to increase time-on-device, visitation rates and player card signups.