G2E booth number: 4041

MEI, a leading global manufacturer of electronic payments systems, will be exhibiting at G2E 2013 in Las Vegas with their portfolio of products including SC Advance, EASITRAX Soft Count and PPM Advance

Following the unprecedented success of CASHFLOW SC that resulted in a global installed base of more than 1 million units, the evolutionary SC Advance features enhanced detection technology, faster note-to-note speed and comprehensive barcode recognition. It also has the increased capacity to accept up to 100 different currencies and denominations. SC Advance also has the industry’s best acceptance rate for valid street-grade notes, including those that are wet, crinkled or torn. 

EASITRAX Soft Count, an integrated software/hardware solution, places information collected in the SC Advance note acceptor into a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot floor performance. It is currently installed in more than 100,000 games and has proven to create newfound efficiencies in maintenance and cash management processes. Now, EASITRAX is available as a portal-based system that allows operators to create customized reports and track performance remotely. Operators that have upgraded to EASITRAX typically receive a payback in less than one year by reducing drop by 20-30 seconds per cashbox and improving maintenance practices through access to eight pre-programmed reports.  

MEI will also highlight the next generation PPM, PPM Advance. Cost of operations is one of the key areas of differentiation for SC Advance. Support tools, such as STS and PPM, help ensure downloads are fast and first-level troubleshooting can easily be applied in the field. The next generation, which features a display screen and Bluetooth connectivity, will make the PPM a more powerful tool—further lowering cost of ownership associated with MEI products.