G2E booth number: 1165

Multimedia Games continues to “Play Louder” at G2E 2013 with the unveiling of the latest installment to its Player Cabinet Series, new additions to the premium product series High Rise Games, the latest game-play feature Must-Hit Jackpots, showcased on a variety of games such as the player favorite Carnival in Rio 2, and new holiday-themed out-of-revenue games for the award-winning TournEvent.  

G2E will also play host to the industry’s first-ever nationwide slot tournament, National TournEvent of Champions (NTOC), as Multimedia Games brings over 85 players from more than 75 casinos across the country to battle it out for the crown and a share of $250,000. Launched by Multimedia in March of 2013, NTOC will have traveled more than 20,000 miles in its search for the nation’s Best Tournament Player by the time it reaches Las Vegas for the championship tournament. Learn more about this trailblazing slot tournament competition at www.tournevent.com.  

Building on TournEvent’s operator efficiency updates from last year, Multimedia Games will debut a new control center, holiday-themed out-of-revenue games and new user interface options with this latest version of their slot tournament system. 

The Player Cabinet Series from Multimedia gets an update this year with the launch of its next generation, in-your-face cabinet that delivers the 360-degree experience modern players have been craving. Multimedia will also continue to expand its High Rise Games Series this year with even more innovative game themes, such as Moby Dick, Chamilion Deluxe, Crystal Jackpots Orient Express and Crystal Jackpots Queen of the Desert.  

New 100-line titles Carnival in Rio 2 and Blazin’ Streak will also be launched at G2E. These titles not only have “2 for 1” paylines, where all 100 paylines are available on a 50-credit bet, but they also feature Must-Hit Jackpots, the newest innovation from the Texas-based slot manufacturers. This feature prominently displays the jackpot hit amounts on the game screen and shows the players how each game play gets them closer to winning their jackpot prize. 

Multimedia’s “Play Louder” campaign gets a new look this year at G2E as well with “This Is How You Play Louder,” a message aimed at the spirit and passion behind the Multimedia gaming experience. More than 100 games, such as Arriba, Zombie Outbreak and Hotter N’ Hell will also be seen on the booth floor.