G2E booth number: 2617

TransAct, with live installations in over 5,000 games, plays a leadership role in promotional coupon systems with their unique and highly versatile Epicentral Print System. Through Epicentral, the casino team can drive increased revenue and enhance their customers’ experience on a real-time basis. The types of promotions and offers are limitless and based on any number of flexible criteria. Examples include (but are not limited to): un-carded player time on device, coin-in, carded player data, rated player data, earned promotions and even randomly awarded rewards.081613 GTR_Epic 950_300

The Epicentral Print System—connected directly to TransAct’s ServerPort device inside the slot machine—is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient software system that enables casinos to internally develop marketing programs and promotional coupons for distribution to customers on a real-time basis at a slot machine via the Epicentral technology. The system works with existing slot systems and games as it operates with a separate connection with the printer. As a result, casinos can deploy the Epicentral Print System to connect to existing slot machines, regardless of the game’s manufacturer.

To date, casino operators using Epicentral have realized a 100 percent increase in lower-tier average daily theoretical win on days of a random award, a 30 percent increase in new player enrollment in loyalty clubs, a 25 percent increase in players qualifying for top tier, a 10 percent increase in top-tier player visits, longer times on device and enhanced player loyalty and experience.  

Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Spokane, Wash., has the Epicentral Print System installed on all 1,800 slot games and a Multimedia Games Casino Management System.  “We are pleased that the Epicentral Print System connected seamlessly to our slot machines and Multimedia’s Casino Management System,” said Eric Pearson, vice president of gaming at Northern Quest Resort & Casino.  “The system’s unique features provide us with an opportunity to communicate directly with our players at the slot machine while they play. We have created an exciting atmosphere and value-added experience at Northern Quest with Epicentral and our Q Cash promotions for our Camas Club tiered players.”

BlueWater Resort & Casino in Parker, Ariz., recently installed Epicentral on over 500 games.  “We are excited to offer yet another enhancement to our players’ casino experience through targeted promotions made possible by the Epicentral Print System,” said Art Navarro, general manager of BlueWater Resort & Casino.  “The system gives our marketing personnel tremendous flexibility to create effective promotions and valuable coupons in real time so that we can ensure our customers receive the most rewarding experience possible from their visit.  Our employees are excited by the possibilities that Epicentral brings to our business and our guests will be the prime beneficiaries of that increased excitement.” 

The Epicentral demonstration areas will be a key feature within TransAct’s booth and will provide visitors with the opportunity to design and print their own unique coupon samples, discuss parameters of promotions they might envision offering, and see how easy it is to develop rules for those promotions.

“It’s exciting to be engaged with forward-thinking casinos who have implemented Epicentral to market to their players while they are at the slot machine and to watch the results that this new method of bonusing has driven,” said Tracey Chernay, executive vice president, global casino, gaming and lottery at TransAct.  “With the flexibility of Epicentral, each casino’s approach to marketing with the system has been different but the results have been the same—higher levels of play, more time on the slots and delighted players. We are committed to continued innovation and addressing the needs of our customers and look forward to a highly successful G2E 2013.”